Flying JetBlue with Kids, Infants & Babies

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JetBlue, a leading American airline known for its customer-centric approach, has become a favorite among many families. The airline’s commitment to comfort, affordability, and convenience makes it an excellent choice for family travel. 

However, like any trip with little ones, it’s essential to understand the specific airline policies when flying with kids, infants, and babies. So let’s take a detailed dive into JetBlue’s guidelines to ensure a seamless, stress-free journey for you and your youngest co-travelers.

Understanding JetBlue’s Infant and Baby Policy

JetBlue’s infant and baby policy is designed to ensure the safety and comfort of the tiniest travelers. You have two options for flying with your infant: flying with a lap infant or purchasing a seat.

Age Requirements and Restrictions

JetBlue has specific age requirements for infants and babies. For the airline, a baby is defined as a young traveler aged from 3 days to 23 months old. Infants under three days old cannot travel on JetBlue flights, per the airline’s policy.

For children under 2, you can choose between having them sit on your lap or buying them a separate seat. If your child turns 2 while on your trip, you’ll need to purchase a return seat.

Lap Infant

A lap infant is a child aged between 3 days and 2 years who travels on the lap of an adult passenger. This option is typically the most economical as domestic flights have no additional charges. However, for international flights, taxes and fees may apply.

My wife and I traveled a lot when our kids were under 2 years old, and we took advantage of the free lap infant for as long as possible. 

Purchased Seat for Infant

jetblue car seat with infant

On the other hand, purchasing a seat for your infant gives you the benefit of added safety and space. This option allows you to use an FAA-approved child restraint system or car seat for your child’s comfort and safety throughout the flight.

Flying Fees and Tickets for Infants and Babies

For domestic flights, there are no additional charges for a lap infant. However, an adult can only have one lap infant. For international flights, lap infants are subject to taxes and fees, which vary depending on the destination.

If you decide to purchase a seat for your infant, you will have to pay the regular fare. Purchasing a seat for your child allows you to use an FAA-approved car seat, which can provide extra safety and comfort.

JetBlue Car Seat Policy

JetBlue’s car seat policy is designed to prioritize safety. The airline allows FAA-approved car seats in a purchased seat on the aircraft. The car seat should fit in the airplane seat without blocking the aisle and be in a window seat.

Using a car seat onboard provides additional safety and can make your child feel more secure. However, it does mean purchasing an extra seat and carrying the car seat through the airport.

When choosing a car seat, ensure it is FAA-approved and fits within the dimensions of JetBlue’s seats, which are generally 17.8 inches wide. 

JetBlue Stroller Policy

flying jetblue with kids and lots of bags

JetBlue’s stroller policy is parent-friendly, allowing you to check your stroller at the gate for no additional charge. This means you can use the stroller throughout the airport and only part with it right before boarding.

While the policy is convenient, remember to use a stroller that is robust enough for travel but compact enough to navigate busy airports. 

We love our Veer Cruiser wagon, which is considered a stroller. It’s easy to pack both kids in while roaming the terminal and then simply check it at the gate for no additional charge.

JetBlue Lounge Access With a Baby

We have lounge access through our American Express Platinum Card, which in most cases allows for 2 guests and children are free. It’s much more comfortable for you and your little ones. The free food and private bathrooms are priceless. The guest rules are different at each lounge, so be sure to check before arriving at the airport.

Tips for Flying JetBlue with an Infant

Here are some practical tips for flying with an infant:

1. Be Aware of Blue Basic Fares

Avoid booking the Blue Basic fare, especially when traveling with kids. Why? Because it does not include free advance seat selection or a carry-on bag.

If you want to ensure you sit together, opt for the Blue, Blue Plus, or Blue Extra fares. They all include free advance seat selection and a carry-on bag.

2. Every Bag Counts: Know Your Allowance

If you’re flying with a lap infant, JetBlue allows you to bring a diaper bag in addition to a permitted carry-on and personal item. Strollers and car seats don’t count toward your carry-on or checked bag allowance. You can check these items when you arrive at the airport or gate-check them at the jetbridge.

3. Safety First: Car Seats & Breast Pumps

While a car seat is not required for a child who can sit upright unassisted, you can bring an FAA-approved safety seat on board, provided you’ve purchased a seat for your child. Just remember, you need a window seat for a car seat. Also, good news for nursing moms: breast pumps are considered an assistive device and do not count as a carry-on bag.

4. Check-In Online & Use Self-Service Kiosks

Minimize airport stress by checking in online or using the self-service kiosks. This can save you considerable time, giving you a few extra moments to tend to your little one.

5. Get TSA PreCheck or Global Entry

Security lines can be extremely long at times. The faster you can get through security, the better off you’ll be. Plus, you don’t have to worry about taking shoes and belts off. It’s just one less thing to have to worry about. 

A child can go through TSA Precheck lanes at security as long as the flying adult has a membership. For Global Entry, each child must get their own.

6. Entertainment & Comfort Kit: Snacks, Toys, & Books

Pack plenty of snacks, drinks, toys, books, and games to keep your infant entertained during the flight. JetBlue’s free in-flight entertainment, Wi-Fi, and FlyFi services are also available to keep older kids engaged.

7. Dress for Success: Layers & Blankets

Dress your baby in layers and bring a blanket or jacket to adapt to changing cabin temperatures. Comfort is key to a peaceful flight.

8. Use Priority Boarding

Traveling with an infant? You can board even before Group A, directly after Mosaic and Mint flyers. This perk ensures you have ample time to settle in with all your gear.

9. Ears and Altitude: Feeding During Takeoff & Landing

Feed your infant during takeoff and landing, and/or makes sure you have a pacifier. This helps alleviate ear discomfort due to pressure changes.

10. Bonus Points: Sign Up Your Kids for TrueBlue

Lastly, did you know there’s no age minimum to sign up for a TrueBlue account? Your kids can start earning points toward award travel on JetBlue from their very first flight.

How to purchase a ticket for an infant or baby with JetBlue

Purchasing a ticket for your infant or baby on JetBlue is as easy as adding them to your booking online. Just follow the prompts for adding a traveler, and select ‘infant in lap’ or ‘infant in seat’ as applicable.


Can you bring a baby on JetBlue?

Yes, babies as young as 3 days old can fly on JetBlue.

Can my baby sit on my lap?

Yes, babies under 2 years old can sit on your lap on JetBlue flights.

Does my baby have to sit on my lap?

No, if you prefer, you can purchase a separate seat for your baby.

Can you bring a car seat onboard JetBlue?

Yes, you can bring an FAA-approved car seat on JetBlue flights, as long as you’ve purchased a seat for your child and it is placed in a window seat.

Can you bring a stroller onboard JetBlue?

You can’t bring a stroller on the plane since it’s just too big, however, you can check them right at the gate free of charge.

Does JetBlue allow Diaper Bags?

Yes, JetBlue allows you to bring a diaper bag in addition to your permitted carry-on and personal item if you’re traveling with a lap infant.

Does JetBlue have kid’s meals?

JetBlue does not offer specific kids’ meals, but they do have a variety of snacks and drinks available.

At what age does JetBlue require a child to have their own ticket?

Children 2 years and older are required to have their own ticket on JetBlue flights.

Does JetBlue offer any special services or amenities for families traveling with infants or children?

Yes, JetBlue offers priority boarding for families with children under the age of 2.

Can I bring baby food, formula, or breast milk on a JetBlue flight?

Yes, baby food, formula, and breast milk are allowed in reasonable quantities through the security checkpoint and onboard JetBlue flights.

How does JetBlue handle diaper changing facilities on their flights?

JetBlue aircraft are equipped with changing tables in the lavatories for diaper changes.

Bottom Line

Flying with kids, infants, and babies can feel daunting, but with the right preparation, your journey can be smooth and enjoyable. JetBlue’s policies are designed to support families, offering options for infants to fly in their parent’s lap or their own seat, car seat, and stroller allowances, and useful services like early boarding and in-flight amenities. So, next time you’re planning a family trip, consider JetBlue for a comfortable, hassle-free experience. Safe travels!

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