What is Delta Preferred Seating? A Guide

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Delta Preferred Seating offers a unique advantage for travelers seeking a more convenient location within the plane’s main cabin. Be it a window seat, an aisle seat, or one near the exit row closer to the front – Delta Preferred Seating presents an array of choices. This guide offers an in-depth exploration of Delta Preferred Seating, delineating its features, benefits, and how to secure these seats to enhance your next travel experience with Delta Airlines.

What is Delta Preferred Seating?

Delta Preferred Seating is a specific selection of seats in desirable locations within the main cabin. These locations can include window seats, aisle seats, or exit rows that are closer to the front of the plane.

Preferred Seats do not typically offer extra legroom (except exit row seats) or seat width compared to standard Main Cabin seats. The key advantage lies in their strategic placement, providing passengers priority access to overhead bins and quicker access to exit upon landing. However, they come at an additional cost, and availability depends on the specific flight.

Delta Medallion Members and certain partner airline elite members may also be able to secure these seats without an extra fee. The preference for Delta Preferred Seating varies based on individual travel needs and budget considerations.

Comparing Delta Preferred Seats with Other Fare Classes

Here is a simple comparison table that puts Main Cabin, Preferred, and Comfort Plus seating options side-by-side:

FeatureMain CabinPreferredComfort Plus
Seat LocationAnywhere in the main cabinFront of the main cabinFront of main cabin
LegroomStandardStandardExtra Legroom
Premium SnacksNoNoYes
Overhead Bin SpaceSharedSharedDedicated
Priority BoardingNoNoYes
Seat Cost$$$$$$
Complimentary Upgrades for SkyMiles Medallion MembersYesYes, based on availabilityYes, based on availability

Delta Preferred Seat vs. Main Cabin

Choosing between Delta Preferred Seating and a standard Main Cabin seat depends on your preferences. Main Cabin seats, while less costly, are located further back in the aircraft, making it longer to disembark upon landing. They offer basic amenities but may not have the added advantages like more desirable seats and quicker exit that Preferred Seats provide.

On the other hand, Delta Preferred Seats, while offering these advantages, come at a higher cost. The extra expense might be worth it if you value desirable window, aisle, or exit row seats. However, Main Cabin seats could be a more practical option for budget-conscious travelers.

Delta Preferred Seat vs. Comfort Plus

When pitted against Comfort Plus, Delta Preferred Seats lack certain comforts. Comfort Plus seats offer additional benefits such as extra legroom, dedicated overhead bin space, better snacks (and sometimes free alcohol), and priority boarding. They are an upgrade from the Preferred Seats but at a higher price.

Comfort Plus could be your go-to if you’re on a long-haul flight and value additional comfort and space. However, Delta Preferred Seats should suffice if your primary preference is for a strategic location over extra space.

Delta Preferred Seat vs. Premium Select

Premium Select, Delta’s premium economy product, offers an enhanced flying experience. With larger seats and added legroom, Premium Select offers enhanced meal service, an amenity kit, and a larger inflight entertainment screen.

Delta Preferred Seats, on the other hand, do not provide these luxuries but offer the advantage of desirable seat locations within the main cabin. If you’re not overly concerned about the extra perks and your priority is getting off the plane faster or securing a window or aisle seat, then Preferred Seats might be for you.

How to Book Delta Preferred Seating

Booking a Delta Preferred Seat can be achieved through various methods. You can select these seats while booking your ticket online and paying the additional cost. If you have already booked your ticket, you can upgrade your seat selection by accessing your trip details online or in the app.

Delta Preferred Seating can also be booked at the airport through a Delta agent or by calling Delta’s reservation desk. However, availability may be limited closer to the flight time.

The eligibility and fees for Delta Preferred Seating vary. SkyMiles Medallion Members are eligible for complimentary access based on their tier and availability. Other customers must pay an additional cost, which varies depending on the specific flight and seat location. Keep in mind that preferred seating is not guaranteed and is subject to availability.

delta airlines preferred seats on seating map

Securing Complimentary Preferred Seating on Delta

The opportunity to experience Delta Preferred Seating without additional costs is a distinctive perk available exclusively to passengers with elite status.

If you’re part of Delta’s loyalty program, SkyMiles Medallion, you can access Preferred Seats complimentary, based on your membership tier and flight availability. The program offers tiers from Silver up to Diamond. As your status ascends, so do your benefits, and Preferred Seats become increasingly accessible at no extra cost.

Similarly, elite members of Joint Venture Elite, SkyTeam Elite, and Elite Plus, including those with elite status with partner airlines such as Air France, KLM, or Virgin Atlantic, are also eligible for complimentary Preferred Seating.

To illustrate, let’s say you’re a Gold Medallion Member. You book a main cabin ticket for a flight from New York to Los Angeles. You can choose a Preferred Seat, free of charge, provided they are available. Simply log in to your SkyMiles account during booking or check-in, and the option to select Preferred Seats will appear.

Remember, the availability of complimentary Preferred Seats may vary due to flight demand, fare class, and the number of higher-tier members on the same flight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Delta Preferred Seats have more room?

Delta Preferred Seats do not typically offer extra legroom or seat width compared to standard Main Cabin seats. The main appeal of these seats is their preferable locations within the cabin, such as being closer to the front or at the exit row, window, or aisle.

Is Delta Preferred Seating worth it?

The value of Delta Preferred Seating is subjective and depends on individual preferences and circumstances. If you value being closer to the front of the plane, need a window or aisle seat, or want to disembark quicker, the additional cost may be worth it. However, standard Main Cabin seating might suffice for those looking to save money.

What is the difference between Delta Preferred Seats and Economy?

Delta Preferred Seats and Economy Seats are both located in the Main Cabin. However, Preferred Seats are in more desirable locations, such as the front of the cabin, exit rows, or window and aisle seats.

Do Delta Preferred Seats get priority boarding?

Delta Preferred Seats do not include priority boarding. Priority boarding is available for higher fare classes such as Delta Comfort Plus, Premium Select, First Class, and SkyMiles Medallion Members.

Bottom Line

Delta Preferred Seating offers an enhanced travel experience through strategically positioned seats within the main cabin. Preferred Seating could be an excellent choice whether you seek quick exit access or just favor the aisle or window seat.

We’ve explored its features, how it compares with other seating options, and how to secure these seats – whether by purchase or complimentary access for elite status members. Your decision ultimately depends on your comfort needs, preferences, and budget. So, the next time you plan a journey with Delta Airlines, consider these insights to make an informed choice about your seating.

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